Time Management Techniques for Better Efficiency

 We all know what is time management & that it is an important skill. But when we sit down to work, we get distracted & then comes in the ability to prioritize!

  Organising our tasks, planning their flow & scheduling other tasks form an essential part of the time management skills and has become of great importance today given the tight deadlines & work pressure.  Maureen O’Connell is of the belief that the benefits of great time management skills apply to both the business and its employees. When employees’ working hours are managed to best effect, they tend to be happier & more creative as well as productive. For the business, this means lower absenteeism, innovation and employee advocacy.  

   Here are some of the time management tips that you can use to improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these you learn to use, the more that you will get done each day.

  • Delegate Tasks– Task Delegation does not mean that you are shying away from your responsibilities, rather it is an important aspect of Time management. One should learn to distribute work to subordinates as per their skills and abilities.
  • Prioritize– Before the start of the day, make a To- do list of tasks that need your immediate attention. Some tasks need to be completed on that day only while other unimportant tasks could be carried forward to next day. 
  • Avoid stress– Stress often occurs when we accept more work than our ability. Hence, learn to say NO to the tasks if you think you are already overloaded!
  • Keep tight deadlines–  Keeping tightrope deadlines will help you in completing your tasks on time!
  • Take refreshing breaks- Whenever you find time yourself for 10-15 minutes, take a break. Take a walk, listen to some music or do some quick stretches.
  • Try to have an uninterrupted work session – During a study, it was found that one hour of ‘uninterrupted’ work yielded work equivalent to three hours of ‘interrupted’ work session in a normal work environment.


Time management skills are very important for success in business, whether you’re a solo freelancer or managing a team. These few tips  will help you take control of your time.  

How Employee Advocates Can Make You a Hit

Trust plays a vital role in today’s sales world and hence reviews from the employees can make or break any business. Today, the power of word-of-mouth marketing gives a major boost to the company’s brand.

“Employees” can be your best brand advocates when it comes to marketing.

Employees are the ones who can be your real advocates as they can take a step out of their professional work and spread a positive word of the brand among their friends and family to boost business on a personal level. This can be one of the most excellent digital marketing solutions if that’s something you are looking for.

By now, you must have gotten a gist of who employee advocates are and how it all works. Let’s better understand what Employee Advocacy means.

Employee advocacy is a promotional activity for the organization or the brand done by its employees. It basically generates awareness of the brand by online as well as offline channels.

Many of us must have shared the workplace culture on social media to humbly brag about our new job or posted workplace pictures and experiences online with really cool hashtags. These are good examples of Employee Advocacy.

Employee advocacy programs nurture and train the employees who are willing to evangelize the company’s brand into a hit one and strategic plans are made for the same accordingly.

Let me list below a few ultimate benefits of Employee Advocacy to make your brand a hit one.

  1. An employee advocacy tool such as SocioAdvocacy, is as effective for smaller business as it is for large corporations.
  2. Through employees, your brand has the potential to land in front of a larger audience through digital media.
  3. There cannot be anything as cost effective as employee advocacy when it comes to advertising or promoting your brand.
  4. Statistics show that employees are trusted two-time more than even the CEOs of the organization.
  5. It establishes better employee engagement as engaged and empowered employees can show vested interests in your company’s growth.

Now you wouldn’t disagree with the fact that employees are the most organic source content of promotion within your organization and can make your brand a huge success.