Building a Community of Brand Advocates

Brand loyalty and brand advocacy are both indispensable to a 21st-century business; however, the two are somewhat different. You see, a loyal customer will always stick to your brand. On the other hand, your brand advocates will tell friends, family, and colleagues about your brand. Notice the difference?

That being said, the value of brand advocates to your online presence, visibility, and the bottom line is absolute. That is why building a community of brand advocates is paramount. It helps your business gain augmented reach, enjoy more social media engagements, and build credibility and trust amongst customers.

Of course, building a robust community of brand advocates is no picnic. However, the following nifty ways can help you do it without much hassle.

User Generated Content Can turn Volunteers into Brand Advocates

Impactful content is the backbone of effective social advocacy. However, every business knows how hard it is to create compelling and engaging content. That is where UGC (user-generated content) comes in handy.

The trouble is that most social media brand pages get low engagement so user-generated content is often low-quality and less impactful. To encourage more user engagement, you need to understand your audience: who’s more attuned to your brand?

Use Contests to Crowdsource UGC

The best way to turn your audience into ardent brand advocates is to hold regular contests. You can organize a photo-sharing contest or encourage your audience to share their stores in a bid to win a reward. Either way, you will be able to garner reasonable user-generated content – posts, videos, images, and comments.

Leverage UGC to Engage Potential Brand Advocates

Once you have gathered sufficient user-generated content, you can post them on your social pages as individual posts. You can even create a vlog, blog or gif using the content to sizzle up a further conversation. By leveraging user-generated content, you will attract a more engaged audience and push your message further.

Leverage Employee Advocacy

Users take advice or posts from employees more seriously than those shared by a brand. So, you need to use employee advocates to share company, brand, and product updates. This way, you can build more trust and credibility among your audience. Also, employee advocates will make up an essential part of your community of brand advocates.

Take a Closer Look at Your Existing Community

Take a lengthy examination of your existing community. What motivates them to share? What makes them engage in dialogue? Armed with this information, you can work behind the scenes to encourage them to become your brand advocates.

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